Tanzanite is not a place or a thing. You can’t see it or touch it. But, you feel it… innovative cuisines, creative atmostphere, indulgent shopping, friendly staff – as an experience that resonates at a higher level – experiences of a grand scale.

Like the adrenaline, you feel the rush,
even before you arrive.

The mall will revolutionlize the local shopping experience for the average Tanzanian by showcasing renowned international brands along with modern, premium shopping facilities and an international feel, catering to the lifestyle aspirations of many Tanzanians.

One of the destinations will be the Hypermarket as a main anchor with stores for fashion, electronics, cinema, food and leisure leading to the wonderful plaza.

2 levels
142 stores
8 restaurants
6 cafes
banks & atm’s
ample parking
family entertainment
the plaza
football arena
convention centre

Tanzanite is the fulfillment of a dream – a desire of one man to bring the best of all the worlds to Tanzania – to pioneer a concept with an improved way of living; to bring about employment opportunities; trigger a chain of business opportunities in retail, banking, distribution and foreign exchange through imports and exports.

Tanzanite is a family destination and so naturally is liqour free. However, it still manages to generate the same enthusiasm in men as it does with women and children.

Tanzanite is the product of the convergence of the best of minds in a city that revels in outclassing trends and projections on shopping mall life. It is also a place designed for premium experience to cater at affordable price points.

It is the sign of new experiences to be had in the years to come!