A family focused destination in a prime land of 64,180sqm at Mikocheni – for convenience, dining, shopping & entertainment

The overall development has a ground coverage of 55% and 30% of the open space has been marked for future development. The main objective of the project is to provide for a suitably sized shopping mall, offices and convention centre to cater to the affluent neighborhood.

A location that is strategically placed in the neighborhood of the affluent residential development of Dar Es Salaam.

The main access to the property is from Mwai Kibaki Road which brings traffic from the New Bagamoyo road. This main road is the connecting link from City Centre towards newer developments of Mbezi area and beyond.

The property benefits from convenient access from South and West sides while flanked by residences on the East and view towards the sea on the North.

Each of the activities proposed has been studied for their suitability to the catchment area and due emphasis has been established to provide inter-connectivity and circulation for the mall customers.

The outdoor spaces will play an important part as much as the interior of the shopping mall itself.
The architectural character of the development will be contemporary and incorporate suitable elements/LED graphics/technology to align itself to global benchmarks.
The Master Plan for the plot will be a mixed-use development i.e., composite of Shopping Mall, Entertainment areas and Convention Centre. The design has been proposed to exploit the capacity of the development based on the local guidelines and neighboring activities.

Masaki/ Oysterbay


Affluent/posh area of Dar es Salaam / For wealthy/affluent people / High expat population
Many ambassadors & high ranking foreign missions staff reside here


Many ‘Posh’ restaurants of different cuisine including local, Italian, Thai, Chinese, continental, bakeries/café’s
Many up-market lounge options with average local beverage cost of  TZS 5000 & food TZS 10,000
Expensive costs of living (schools, shopping, hospitals etc)
English is spoken almost as much as Swahili in the area
Security personnel @ homes and businesses is commonplace


Avg 2-bedroom apt rent $1500 unfurnished
$2500/$3000 fully furnished



Central to south/north/east/west of Dar es Salaam; highly accessible
Increasing in inhabitants and in popularity as a residence for mid-high income earners


Avg 2-bedroom apt rent
TZS 3,000,000 (unfurnished);
TZS 5, 500,000 fully furnished
Increase of apartments blocks being built


Narrow streets & ‘alternative routes’ that pass through the area.
Many small retail shops, with some semi local eateries (Arizona, BBQ village)
Mixed types inhabitants
Young and old Families
Bachelors/ bachelorettes



Low – high income earners


Narrow streets & ‘alternative routes’ that pass through the area.
Many small retail shops, with some semi-local eateries (Arizona, BBQ village)
Mixed types inhabitants
Young and old Families
Bachelors/ bachelorettes


High-end to low-end housing (often in close proximity) ranging from TZS 400,000 to TZS 2,500,000
Cramped, unplanned Both residential and commercial

In line with the Empire Properties’ sustainability strategy, the building will target Carbon Footprint optimization in construction and operation.

To achieve this ambitious goal, a series of forward-thinking environmental initiatives will be incorporated.

Photovoltaic cells will be used for street lighting in order to allow for free energy to illuminate roads and outdoor areas.

Rain water will be collected from roof of the mall and led to a rain water collection tank to be treated and reused for washrooms, in that case we will benefit from water recycling.

Led lights will be used for the entire project for the purpose of energy conservation.

High efficiency chillers with variable compressors will be adopted for the project to minimize the power consumption to the maximum possible.

Primary chilled water loop with variable speed chilled water pumps will be also adopted to minimize the running cost of our cooling plant.

Variable speed booster sets are designed to be introduced in our project for better efficiency and minimum consumption.

Fresh air handling units with energy recovery wheel are used to be provided for our project in order for us to benefit from the energy of the discharged air to cool the introduced fresh air to the different project sections and to save energy in the cooling system.

Energy meters will be provided for each section to control the chilled water consumption, power meters will be also introduced with water meters; Meters will allow us to properly monitor the water, power, energy and gas consumption of the different sections.